Outdoor activities in Stavanger

Most people that visit Stavanger seem to visit only Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) or Kjerag. Wow - they are missing out! Stavanger is surrounded by the sea, and the city has one of the most beautiful coastlines in Norway. Just outside the city of Stavanger you will find lots of islands scattered along the coast. Most of these are reachable by local ferries. In the south you will find the long stretch of landscape called Jæren, and here you will find amazing long and whity sandy beaches. To the north of the city you will find a mountain landscape with fjords, giving you an abundance of wonderful hiking opportunities. If you stay of the super busy track of Pulpit Rock or Kjerag, you will suddenly find yourself on well marked trails into forests and mountains, only a short ferry trip and drive from the city.


Photo on the left (July 2017): At Krossen 718 meters above sea level (on the path towards Reinarknuten). Just a short ferry trip and drive away from Stavanger brings you into Ryfylkeheiene where you can find lots and lots of amazing hiking - almost alone in the mountains, and still just a short drive from Stavanger!

Photo on the right: The Norwegian nature is well marked with signs if you find a suitable trip. Most of the paths are then marked with red paint along the way, look at the stones and the trees to see if you see some red paint marks. Those marks are there to show you the way!

It might be a bit hard to find these spots by yourself, so we might advise to use a local outdoor activity company. A great company for outdoor activities in Stavanger is Rogaland Aktiv.  We can highly recommend this company! They offer unique outdoor activities in and around Rogaland and Stavanger. Their main activities are kayaking, biking and skiing, but they can also offer private guided tours, kiting (summer and winter) just to mention some other activities. 

Photos: Kayak course with Rogaland Aktiv - basic beginner training. Photos taken at Kalvøy, a beautiful island just minutes from Stavanger in August 2017.

Hiking close to Stavanger

Get away from the tourist traps of Preikestolen and Kjerag, and find other beautiful mountains, beaches, islands or forests to hike. There are so many of them. If you investigate a bit you will find that you can enjoy many days in and around Stavanger with new outdoor experiences every day in beautiful and breathtaking nature! Here are a few photos from different destinations just close to Stavanger. If you need any recommendations during your stay in one of our properties at Stavanger Rental just ask, and we can tell you about some great hikes you can easily take on a daytrip basis.

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Photo Gallery: Outdoor activities in and around Stavanger