Stavanger is a great city with many things to do for tourists! The city center itself is only a few minutes’ walk away and offers something for everyone.

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In the city center you will find lots of museums, restaurants, bars, cafés, nightclubs and shops.  There are lots of venues for concerts and live music, and Stavanger is a city that has a great nightlife 7 days per week! 

If you are interested in visiting the Norwegian fjords and nature; Stavanger can offer beautiful sandy beaches close to the city that are great for taking a stroll, surfing and kiting. There are also many beautiful lakes and paths along the sea that is ideal for taking a walk. Many are within walking distance from our properties!

Also you might want to visit Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Kjerag, as well as Lysefjorden and other beautiful mountain areas close to Stavanger. Our property is  located very close to the ferry that can take you to Tau and the fjords and Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock). Read more about hiking to Preikestolen.

We recommend you to spend time both in the city and the nature around; there are so many things to see - so plan your stay in Stavanger so that you get most out of your stay. Let us know if you have any questions about things to do!

Badedammen: A few minutes’ walk from our property; you can find this oasis in the urban landscape. Badedammen is a dam created for recreational swimming in clean seawater, and includes a playground and beach volleyball net, diving board, as well as grassed areas to sit on.

Close to Badedammen you will also find the company Ut i Naturen; where you can rent a kayak and spend a day on the sea. This is just a few minutes’ walk away from our properties.

You will find easy access to food stores no more than 5-10 minutes’ walk away. There are larger shops like Europris, Coop Mega and International Food Center about 10 minute walk away. However, when walking towards the city center you will find lots of shops in the local area.

ØST Beer Bar (a newly opened bar serving lots of different beers) is located at Kvitsøygata 26, 4014 Stavanger - only a short walk away. Just beside Øst Beer Bar in Kvitsøygata 25, you will find Tou Scene which is a local venue for concerts and other events. See their website for weekly schedules! They also have a small cafe located there! However, there are a bunch of bars and cafes in Stavanger! Have a look at this guide for the food and nightlife in Stavanger.

When you arrive at our properties you will find a binder with all the practical details for you stay!

If you have any questions about the neighborhood - please let us know!

Things To Do in Stavanger

You will find lots of information at Region Stavanger.

If you want ideas about hiking trips and places to walk in the area - go to (you can change to your language up in the right hand corner). Here you will find a large list of great places to visit in the nature in and around Stavanger!

Find maps of Stavanger and the region here!


Preikestolen, known as Pulpit Rock, is one of the main tourist attraction in Stavanger. If you have a car, you can take the car ferry from Fiskepiren (near the properties) to Tau. From there, you can drive up to the parking area for the Pulpit Rock. If you have no car,  you can take the combined ferry/bus. It leaves a few times in the morning, and returns to Stavanger in the afternoon (during the summer season).  The ferry  terminal from Stavanger is close to our house, so you can easily walk to there, or just drive your car ombord the ferry leaving for Tau. There is a regular schedule available several times a day in the summer season.

Outdoorlife Norway also offers day hikes and multiday hikes during the whole year; also trekking to the Pulpit Rock during winter. Read more about hiking to Pulpit Rock.


A hike to Kjerag will take you into beautiful and wild Norwegian nature along the amazing Lysefjorden. Kjerag is located 1000 meters about the fjord, and it is close to the end of Lysefjorden, not far from the city of Stavanger in Norway. This is also where base jumpers come from all over the world to jump from the top of the mountain down into Lysefjorden. 

Kjerag is a massif towering 1000 meters up from the fjord. The smooth face of the Kjerag mountain is on the south side of the Lysefjord, at the very end of the fjord near Lysebotn. The vertical face of Kjerag is the result of the retracting ice during the ice age. As no or little water has rippled down the mountain from the Kjerag-plateau, no eroding has affected the face. The view from the top down to Lysefjorden is fantastic, and here you can stand on a big round stone 1000 meters above the fjord. This is one of the most beautiful hikes in the area! Read more about hiking to Kjerag.


 Three enormous bronze swords stand monument to the battle of Hafrsfjord in the year 872, when Harald Hårfagre (Fairheaded Harald) united Norway into one kingdom. The monument was designed by Fritz Røed (1928 - 2002) from Bryne, just south of Stavanger. It was unveiled by Norway's King Olav in 1983.

  The swords   which are about 10 meters tall, stand for peace and unification. One sword is larger than the others. This was Fairheaded Harald's sword. The swords are planted in solid rock - representing peace. The swords can be found at Møllebukta which is a bay area on the southern shore of Hafrsfjord. The name "Møllebukta" derives from "mølla" (mill) and "bukt (bay). There used to be a corn mill here. Today the area is one of Stavangers most popular recreational areas.


The Norwegian Petroleum Museum is a museum for everyone. Its exhibits explain how oil and gas are created, discovered and produced, and what they are used for. The museum also provides information about technological advances and the way petroleum influences Norwegian society. Original objects, models, films and interactive exhibits illustrate everything from everyday life offshore to technology and dramatic incidents. There is also a fun playground for children outside and best of all it is located in the town centre.


There are lots of museums in Stavanger. See information abouth museums in Stavanger at MUST Stavanger (Museums in Stavanger).


This is the most southern major fjord in Norway. The 40 kilometer long fjord is flanked by steep mountains, some rising over 1000 meters. The fjord was formed during the last ice age more than 10,000 years ago. More than 2000 meters of ice covered Scandinavia at that time. When the ice melted, the glacier eroded the rocks below. The best known attraction is "Preikestolen" or "Pulpit Rock". If you do not want to face the climb to the top, there is a three hour tourist cruise that will take you into the fjord where you will be able to see the Pulpit Rock from the sea, as well as other beautiful areas of the fjord.


If you would like to enjoy a day by the sea in good weather, visit Sola Beach (Solastranden) near the airport. Beautiful sandy beaches awaits you here. Sola beach is only one of many beaches surrounding Stavanger. Further south from Solastranden there are also many more long, sandy and beautiful white beaches. The beaches are ideal for kiting and surfing, swimming in summer, or just for taking a stroll. 

You can also find lots of small lakes close to the city center that are great for walking around, as well as paths along the sea. 


A few minutes walk from our properties, you can find this oasis in the urban landscape. Badedammen is a dam created for recreational swimming in clean seawater, and includes a playground and beach volleyball net, diving board, as well as grassed areas to sit on.


The are plenty of excellent restaurants in Stavanger. Tripadvisor is great for reviews by real diners, and we recommend this as a guide for finding the type of place you would like to eat in. You can also find an overview of many of the restaurants on Bookatable in Stavanger.

Here is a useful local blog reviewing some restaurants in Stavanger.


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Stavanger also offers "city-bikes" that are placed around the city. 

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